We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic volunteer to join our admin team and help us with programs and events developed for senior residents in our community.  SACA would like to offer programs designed for senior residents, such as special fitness and wellness programs, speaker series, events in (such as Wine and Art, Trivia nights) and events out (such as going to a special locale) that will bring our senior residents together in friendship and fun.

This role would suit someone who has experience in both the development and implementation of programs and events.  Do you like to develop concepts and have experience doing detailed planning?  Do you like to connect with resources in the community, such as the city, Revera, Girl Guides/Scouts/Boys n Girls or the Province?  Do you enjoy meeting with and collaborating with other residents?  Do you have a passion for healthy living and wellness, and having fun while supporting important community work?  Do you enjoy hosting events?  Do you enjoy working with volunteers?

In this role, we’ll help you further develop skills in connecting community resources, planning, managing events/projects, marketing and promotion, managing change, and engagement.  In this role, you’ll need to prepare budgets, grant applications, media, contracts and final reports (we’ll help you learn the templates and documents).

This is a part-time role and is very flexible.  We expect this to be between 3-5 hours a week, as we’ll start with one or two ideas and add more as we can.  We have an hour on Wednesdays when all ADMIN team members come together to coordinate and collaborate all SACA activities.

If you think this is a role you’d enjoy, and you’d like to discuss the opportunity further, please contact the community center at 403-547-9589 or send an email to Peggy at scenicom@shaw.ca

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