This Review will land in community mailboxes in early March, so as you read this it is near the two year “anniversary” since the first COVID case in Calgary.  Through the challenging times we have seen many acts of kindness.  Let us be hopeful that mindfulness and kindheartedness will be long lasting sequels to the pandemic and a return to normality (whatever that will be going forward) is just around the corner.  

Community centre update

Throughout the pandemic, the outstanding SACA Administration Team has worked diligently to help protect our community by introducing additional layers of protective measures and processes that reinforce our long-term commitment to health and safety at the community centre.  A big “thank you” to Ruth, Amanda, Amber, Alicia, Julie, Pat, Peggy and Sara, all of who provided a great level of care to our community at some point during the pandemic.  Government guidance is evolving at this writing and a phased lifting of public health measures has been announced by the Province.  We will pursue clarity on how these changes impact our community and operations and will provide updates on the SACA website and through our social media channels.  We are committed to following health protocols as they are announced and ask for your patience as we adjust our operations.   Meanwhile, we support published public health guidance for the prevention of COVID spread and encourage self-monitoring and appropriate care if you experience COVID symptoms.

Olympic pride

The Beijing Winter Olympics will have closed by the time you read this and we can be proud of our Canadian Olympic Team.  Scenic Acres can celebrate the success of one of our own, Isabelle Weidemann, who won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Games.  Congratulations to Isabelle and her family!

Community initiatives

In response to community outreach the SACA Board has struck a committee to consider the viability of a four season pad in the community.  The pandemic has reinforced the importance of viable outdoor spaces to the physical and social well-being of communities.  The concept being considered at this point is an outdoor pad where we can have activities year round (e.g. hockey in the winter, pickleball in the summer, outdoor events year round).  This conversation is at the very early stages and we invite you to email any feedback to

We need your help to bring ideas to fruition.   We need and look for community residents willing to pitch in, to share their enthusiasm and their expertise.  Volunteering may include joining the SACA Board, joining a Committee, or working on a specific initiative that is of interest.  Specific areas of need at this time include Finance (especially experience in grant writing and applications), Communications (including all forms of community outreach) and Governance (familiarity with sound Board and Committee practices). 

We would love to hear from you.  Please join in by:

  • Completing a Volunteer Appreciation Form on the SASA Website to introduce yourself and interests
  • Reaching out and expressing your interest and/or ideas by email to
  • Contacting me directly at

Stay safe and kind.


Ike Zacharopoulos

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