December 5, 2023

New as of April 22nd, 2022: Click Here to view our online calendar, and here to fill out our online rental agreement.

The Scenic Acres Community Centre is OPEN and available for rentals which adhere to Current Public Health Guidelines and Advisories. To inquire about renting the Main Hall please email or call 403-547-9589.



The SACA Main Hall offers over 1600 sq. ft. of space (12 by 13 meters). This multi-use space is private and self contained and can support a wide range of social and business functions. Traditionally our Main Hall can accommodate up to 125 people for a sit down meal and up to 158 people for a standing only function, however you may wish to reduce your numbers to accommodate more space between attendees. The room can be set up with any combination of tables and chairs. The room includes a small residential style kitchen for re-heating food.


* 19 rectangular tables 5 feet (60 in) x 2.5 feet (30 in); 4 Square Tables: 36 in x 36 in

* 9 circular tables, 6 feet in diameter. **Please note, these are very heavy and need to be setup by SACA staff for an additional charge.**

* 125 chairs

* Residential style kitchen for re-heating food.
* 12 or 36 cup coffee makers
* Built-in sound system: CD/Cassette/MP3 capacity (speakers in ceiling)
* Microphones and/or TV/VCR/DVD: require a separate $200 damage deposit
* WE DO NOT PROVIDE: Dishes/silverware/glasses or Table Linens

RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES: All set up and take down (see below)

Renter Set Up
* Tables
* Chairs
* Renter provided decoration etc.

Renter Clean Up (unless prior arrangements made for additional cost)
To leave the facility in the same clean condition as it was found, which may require renter to:
* Clean and wipe down all tables and chairs used
* Return all cleaned tables and chairs to designated storage area
* Clean and wipe down kitchen counters
* Sweep and/or mop floor
* Remove all items brought into facility by the renter or their guests/contractors
* Remove out all garbage/recycling/organics
(these can be placed inside the appropriate bins within our external waste disposal enclosure)

PLEASE NOTE: A Liquor License is required if serving alcohol and must be provided to SACA prior to the rental date. Liquor Licenses can be obtained on-line via:


Holidays & Weekends (Friday 5pm, Saturdays & Sundays)
Special Events (5pm to 1am)
$400.00 members
$500.00 non-members/businesses

By the Hour (Friday 5pm, Saturdays & Sundays)*
$45.00 members
$55.00 non-members/businesses
*please note, Friday and Saturday nights can only be booked by the hour within 4 weeks of the rental date for non-members and 2 weeks for SACA members.

Daily (Saturday & Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm)
$250.00 members
$300.00 non-members/businesses

Weekend Special Event (Friday 5pm through to Sunday at 1am, 32 hours total)
$900.00 members
$1,100.00 non-members/businesses

Weekdays/Evenings (not including holidays)
By the Hour (Monday 8am to Friday 5pm)
$35.00 members
$45.00 non-members/businesses

Daily (8 am to 5 pm)
$200.00 members
$250.00 non-members/businesses

Weekly (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm)
$500.00 members
$650.00 non-members/businesses

Fees/Damage Deposits/Penalties: (separate payments)

$100 non-refundable Event Rental Reservation Deposit due at time booking
$500.00 refundable Security Deposit for all events serving alcohol or longer than 3 hours
$200 refundable Security Deposit for meetings and events less than 3 hours
$200.00 refundable Damage Deposit for complementary Microphones rental (Optional)
$500.00 refundable Damage Deposit for complementary Projector rental (Optional)
$275.00 to $150.00 Take-down and Floor Cleaning Fee (Optional)
$100.00 Early Occupancy Penalty
$100.00 Late Occupancy Penalty
$100.00 Security Penalty


In addition to the Main Hall we also have the East Field and Beach Volleyball Courts which can either be rented along with the Main Hall or separately.

Click here for a map of SACA.