You do not have to take on a Director role on the SACA Board to help shape OUR community of Scenic Acres. Many people share their talents by serving on a SACA Committee. If you would be interested in getting involved in any of the committees/initiatives below please email the designated contact.

If you have an idea for a new initiative or committee to boost our community or address a specific issue please email

Scenic Acres Community Garden Committee: SACA with the help of community volunteer Janina are creating a Community Garden in Scenic Acres. SACA is looking for volunteers to join the committee and develop a list of volunteers passionate about seeing a community garden in Scenic Acres. Learn more by clicking HERE.

Community Engagement Committee: This committee is looking at ways to foster community engagement through events, programs and activities. If you’re passionate about Scenic Acres and want to get involved in building community, please connect with us via

Gazebo Park Remediation Committee: Formed in 2020 this committee has been fundraising and making plans to remediate the aging structures such as the Gazebo and Stone Pillars in Gazebo Park located on the corner of Schooner Landing and Scurfield Drive. To learn more please click HERE.

LEAF (Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund) Committee: This committee volunteers their time to oversee the landscape maintenance and enhancements for Scenic Acres and ensures the funds collected by the City are appropriately expended as per the LEAF budget. To learn more about the LEAF Program, please click HERE. To learn more about this committee or volunteer to get involved, please email

Some SACA Committees (see below), as per the SACA Bylaws, require membership of the SACA Board or a specific staff role. Any resident member of SACA is welcome to put their name forward to serve on the SACA Board. To learn more about serving on the board please email

Finance Committee: This committee includes the SACA Treasurer, Vice-President and Operations Manager. They meet quarterly to ensure SACA’s finances are being managed in a transparent and efficient manner.

Executive Committee: This committee is composed of the SACA President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition to having dual signing authority, the Executive Committee provides leadership to the SACA Board.