President’s Update

It is a sad reality at this writing that the amazing weather we have enjoyed so far in November will likely be a memory when the December Review is in readers’ hands.  It was a good run!  Hopefully, this will find you all healthy and hopeful, busy enjoying winter outings (perhaps ice skating at the SACA grounds), setting up and/or enjoying seasonal decorations, planning Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Much has been written in the Review in the past regarding connecting with our SACA.  We have made an effort to mention and recognize the numerous SACA and volunteer led initiatives that have improved our community for the enjoyment of our residents.  “Thanks” again to all who participated!

While we take pride in what our community has accomplished, we continue to look ahead.  A most interesting discussion underway now relates to how the SACA grounds can best perform as a community hub, a place for us to come together and enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities and interests.  Can we better utilize our volleyball courts?  What about our community centre and associated lands?  Perhaps some additional outdoor recreation opportunities or assets?  Are there events or programs that we should be considering?  How do we best plan for an environment that will see us return to more social interactions?

Discussions of this scope often extend beyond the SACA, to government, funding or support institutions.  Community input is not only desirable, but necessary and likely to lead to more equitable, sustainable decisions that improve the liveability of our community.  There is a wealth of valuable expertise in our community.  Community residents have a deep and intimate knowledge of our local area, as well as technical, historical, and cultural insights. It is when these perspectives are shared and incorporated into decision-making, that we are best able to meet community needs.  By embracing and encouraging participation, the SACA looks to make more informed decisions by understanding the needs, opinions and visions of community residents. 

Communication should not be a one-way street of the SACA telling residents what is happening in our community.  It should be an ongoing dialogue so that the SACA can best advocate for things residents are interested in.  We look for your input so we can better understand and balance the needs and aspirations of our community and thus pursue appealing, executable, transformative initiatives.

Many of us have utilized our SACA membership to participate and realize savings on SACA programs or to register in affiliated activities.  Experience tells us most memberships are held for these very valid reasons.  The impact of a SACA membership goes beyond these measurable monetary considerations.  There are also many examples of impactful, value creating, community building initiatives planned and/or executed by the SACA and our wonderful volunteers.  The value of these initiatives may not be as easily measured but the results include increased community enjoyment and reputation.  If we deem this work valuable, it is reasonable to support it through membership.  That said, the SACA continues to look for ways to increase the value of membership.

So, in summary, while the SACA is busy, we are prepared to consider doing more, doing different, doing better with your help.  Share with us and join us!  Call us 403-547-9589, email us, chat with us … we are your neighbours.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!  Be well and be kind!


Ike Zacharopoulos
President, Scenic Acres Community Association

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Last updated November 17, 2021