The following provides a summary of the Frequently Asked Questions received by both SACA and SOPC. We will be adding to this frequently, but if you have a question which is not answered below please e-mail your question to saveourpark@shaw.ca.

Who is the school designed to serve? The proposed Francophone school will serve all students in NW Calgary with a francophone background who wish to attend a school where the francophone culture and language is practiced and central to the schools philosophy. Francophone schools fall under the jurisdiction of the FrancoSud School Board who serves the francophone community in Southern Alberta. This is different to French Immersion schools which are designed for English speaking children who wish to learn French as a second and sometimes third language and are provided by both the CBE (Calgary Board of Education) and the CSSD (Calgary Separate School Division).

How many students will the school be designed to accommodate?  The school will be designed to accommodate 400 students.

Where is the next closest Francophone Elementary School? École Terre des Jeunes is the only Francophone Elementary School currently operating in NW Calgary. This school is located in Varsity at the former Jerry Potts school site on the other side of Shaganappi Trail to Market Mall. This school is currently operating at above capacity which is why the FrancoSud is looking for a new location for a second elementary school to serve the francophone community in NW Calgary.

Why has Scenic Acres decided to file Legal Action? Please click here for a separate Q & A regarding the decision to file the legal action.