Save Our Park

In February 2014 then Alberta Premier, Alison Redford announced the new construction of a regional Francophone K-6 Elementary School to be located at 220 Scenic Acres Drive NW, also known as Scenic Acres Park. Since that date the Scenic Acres Community Association (SACA) along with a group of concerned residents the Save Our Park Committee (SOPC), have been working with residents, the FrancoSud School Board and all levels of government to determine if this is the best location for such a regional school and if not, where a more suitable location can be found.

This page has been created to provide factual logical information about the process SACA and the SOPC has undertaken over the past 8 months, and what SACA has learned about the processes undertaken by the various parties involved in the decision making to locate and construct a new school in Scenic Acres Park.

SACA/SOPC Position Paper: This paper provides a detailed description and background as to why the SACA Board and SOPC believe Calgarian’s will be better served in this new Francophone School was built in a more suitable location.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Updates by Date: This link provides a chronological list of updates and developments as well as notices and letters received and issued by all the parties involved

Documents: This link has links to all pertinent documents received or provided by the various parties involved

Save Our Park Legal Fund Information: This link will provide information on how to donate to the legal fund and answer any questions you may have about how the legal fund is being managed.