Landscape Enhancement and Appreciation Fund (LEAF)

The Scenic Acres LEAF program roll out began in June 2013. A history of the program can be found HERE.

The annual special tax amount collected and spent in Scenic Acres is $178,740 and it is supplemented by the funds allocated to our community under the City’s annual Parks budget; this has not changed since implementation.  LEAF funds are collected and held by the City.  The Scenic Acres LEAF work program is overseen by the LEAF committee comprised of resident volunteers and reporting to the SACA Board.  The City’s Parks department has been engaged as our service provider.  Through year end 2016 the Scenic Acres LEAF program has addressed the following needs:

  1. Our community public green spaces have received the following services:
  • bi-weekly cuts and trims;
  • turf repairs as needed;
  • annual weed control as per City review;
  • aeration and fertilizer application as needed;
  • garbage clean-up from public green spaces.

2. Beautification has been achieved through flower displays as follows:

  • 25 planters purchased and located throughout the community;
  • 12 in-ground gardens developed throughout the community;
  • design, planting and maintenance of the planters and gardens;
  • planter winter displays started in 2016;
  • shrub pruning on a revolving schedule.

3. In addition, the following services have been provided:

  • spring cleanup of road material from boulevards;
  • fall cleanup at the end of the growing season;
  • waste collection from public bins throughout the year;
  • public tree well maintenance including mulch.

The 2016 year-end LEAF financials are available HERE.

Questions regarding the Scenic Acres LEAF program are welcome; comments and ideas from the community at large are valued and appreciated.  These can be directed to scenicleaf@shaw.ca.