SACA is committed to providing timely updates to the community through the Scenic Review, Twitter, Facebook and this web site in the form of dated updates, which you will see below.

UPDATE: June 18, 2017

SACA has reached agreement with the Province, City and Bird on a six foot perimeter fence around the adult softball outfield in Scenic Acres Park.  This fencing, which will be adjacent to the existing 8 foot parking lot fence, is required to compensate for deficiencies that resulted from construction deviations to the original plan.  School construction resulted in a steeper grade differential than anticipated that also shortened centre and left fields.  Last fall, the parties committed to develop a remediation plan to preserve the adult field which included alternatives to install a perimeter fence with sufficient height to compensate for the shortened outfield and/or extending the backstop further back.   The City endorsed a perimeter fence but would only commit to making it 4 feet in height.  Considering that this field is used by the adult league which has operated in Scenic Aces for three decades and that there could be risk associated with players flipping over a lower fence down into the steep grade area, SACA recommended a 6 foot fence and paid for the additional 2 foot differential to ensure the baseball diamond can be used safely.  There are also future plans to landscape the area between the fences.

The perimeter fencing will follow the curvature of the outfield but will not border the entire diamond so it does not impact the sloped area that borders the Park nor does it affect the open field in the rear of the Park.  People will still be able to move freely across the diamond through the Park unless a game is being played.  Right field will include an 8 foot wide gate to permit machinery to enter and maintain the green space.    The adult softball coordinator Laurie Bell was consulted on this solution along with SACA and we appreciate her contributions to the community over many years.  The City’s overall strategic plan is to reduce the number of baseball diamonds significantly and the alternatives available to us where to preserve this asset with this perimeter fence or allow it to be eventually eliminated due to its shortened size and the labilities associated with the steep slope in left and centre fields.

Other issues not resolved related to the Park that SACA continues to pursue include masking the waste receptacle area which resulted from a deficiency to the original plan, correcting landscape issues around the property and completing repairs to one of the basketball courts which were created by heavy machinery and materials resting on it during construction.

February 6, 2017

The Development Permit posted at the school site deals with the students who will require before and after school care and would be students enrolled in the school; there are no additional students and they would be included in the 400 capacity cap.  The actual number of students involved in this before and after school program will likely be around 30 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon.  Many of these kids will be bussed as part of the regular service and overall, 85% of FrancoSud pupils at other similar schools are
bussed.  The 100 limit is a threshold category the City uses when categorizing/processing DP’s within the Land Use Bylaw.  In addition, it is likely this before/after school program will not start up right away and may not be available in the first year of operations or if available, at a reduced level.

There will be two additional Development Permits in the future that will also be required for the school.  One will be for a pre-school with a maximum of 16 kids and again these kids must be associated with families who have kids already enrolled in the school and are included in the 400 student cap.  The other DP will be for a school ID sign.  There is no other physical development that will occur at the school; all these programs are
accommodated within the current building.

If you have any additional comments on this specific DP application, please contact Lee DeKorte, SACA Community Development Director, by email at  lee.dekorte@telus.net.  He and the Community Development Committee can assist you.

January 31, 2017

In my last update late November I advised that construction was considered complete and therefore there were no further construction updates.  Thanks to Bird and Alberta Infrastructure for providing Scenic Acres with regular updates not just monthly but as we advocated for specific issues over the last two years.  These SA communication updates were unique for Alberta Infrastructure led projects; typically there is infrequent high level, multi-school project information revised periodically on the provincial website. 

The school facility was transferred to the FrancoSud school Board in December and trades people have continued to work on minor building projects and deficiencies over the last few months.  The SACA School Subcommittee continues their work with the project and specific objectives are outlined in the SACA 2017 Business Plan available on our website.  The Subcommittee is moving into Phase 2 – School Integration as outlined on the Terms of Reference plan also available on our website.  Updates will continue to be provided as they were during the school construction, when new information is made available.

I had opportunity to tour the school today and had my first operations meeting with the school board member responsible for capital projects as well as the director for facilities and planning.  The school, is named l’ecole du Nouveau-Monde and principal Guy Perreault was announced yesterday to the FrancoSud community and public at large  This evening potential teachers and staff have opportunity to visit the school facility and consider whether they will apply for available jobs with expectation the school will be fully staffed by end of May.

The school is slated to open in September 2017.  The FrancoSud local membership decided they did not want to move into the Scenic Acres facility mid-year and with several new schools being constructed and opening around the same time in southern Alberta the FrancoSud Board felt it best to do it right logistically and delay opening for this school.  The school is hoping to have a mix of experienced and newer teachers but there is no net new hiring that will occur within the school board; teachers will transfer from other locations.  There are plans to offer before and after school and pre-school programming but it is only available to the FrancoSud community and targets the needs of working parents as well as French language early instruction for young children before they enrol in kindergarten.  In its first year, the school may not reach the full capacity of 400 but that is the capped limit.

The Subcommittee will work through parking and traffic issues as SACA did for the other two schools in past and the two representatives were amendable to our initial thoughts regarding potential options for parking restrictions.  Operationally, the tennis and basketball courts will be available to the Community during school hours and the new school gymnasium will be open for public bookings at least two days each week.  There will be a freestanding school sign that has not been installed yet but it is expected to be provide identification to the school; there is no electronic message sign planned.  An official opening with dignitaries will likely not occur until very late 2017 or early 2018.

The SACA Subcommittee continues to interact with the City regarding the final plan for the baseball field, the garbage enclosure masking and some touch-up work with one basketball court but there is no update from previous reports provided on our website. 

If you have any questions, please contact scenicboard@shaw.ca.

 November 25, 2016
The occupancy permit from the City of Calgary was received last week.

Today Bird construction submitted the substantial performance which means construction is now finished for the school and only deficiencies under $80k remain.

Small Deficiencies
·        electrical and mechanical systems
·        landscaping and parking lot
·        roof and elevations
·        “As build” plans, manuals and reports

Bird will be working to remove these outstanding items in next few weeks and Alberta Infrastructure and the FrancoSud Board representative will be meeting on site in early December to confirm outstanding scope of work.

Bird is working with SACA to provide additional masking coverage around the garbage enclosure.  The current foliage does not meet the requirements of the drawings and options are limited related to proximity of Enmax utilities to this area.  Bird is hoping to obtain a waiver from Enmax to resume the original tree planting schedule.

There still is not a definitive plan from Bird and Alberta Infrastructure regarding a baseball field solution though Alberta Infrastructure has reiterated their assurance a solution will be provided that will satisfy the requirements for maintaining an adult-level softball baseball facility. City Parks is monitoring this situation along with SACA.

October 14, 2016
Most of the progress on site is focused on interior building and finishing

Work completed to date:
. Retaining walls
. Mechanical room slab and mechanical units
. All deep utilities: sanitary and storm lines
. Structural Steel 95% complete; working on bracing and roof ladders.
. Roof metal deck
. Screw piles for modular classrooms and modulars
. Steel studs and sheeting
. Majority of sidewalks and bus drop off
. Interior and exterior masonry
. Roofing
. Parking and playground paving
. Lockers
. Electrical conduits
. Mechanical ducts
Bird is working on deficiencies outstanding on some of the completed scope
of work i.e. cleaning, repairs, electrical plates installation etc..

Work progresses on:
. Interior drywall, mudding and taping; 95% complete
. Interior painting; 95% complete
. Millwork; 90% complete
. Modulars vestibules
. Flooring; 70% complete
. Exterior metal and hardi-board cladding; 90% complete
. Remaining sidewalks, parking lot islands
. Basketball, baseball field remediation; asphalt poured for basketball
court and Tomko additional finishing to be completed
. Asphalt poured to replace regional pathway
. Landscaping work progresses including sodding and both coniferous and
deciduous tree planting

We haven’t received the official solution from BIRD construction designers
yet, as discussed on site regarding  how to maximize the baseball field
without slopes greater than 2%.
Bird surveyed the existing baseball field to have reliable data to develop
the final remedial solution.  Once it is available, we will communicate the

Bird is working to have occupancy permit from City of Calgary as scheduled
October/November 2016.

September 6, 2016
School construction is on schedule to be finished end of 2016 with school opening January 2017.

Work completed to date:
• Retaining walls
• Mechanical room slab poured and mechanical units craned in place
• All deep utilities: sanitary and storm lines installed
• Structural Steel 95% complete; working on bracing, roof ladders
• Roof metal deck
• Screw piles for modular classrooms and modulars installation
• Steel studs installation and sheeting
• Majority of sidewalks and Bus drop off
• Interior and exterior masonry
• Roofing
• Parking and playground paving

There are deficiencies outstanding regarding completed scope of work related to cleaning and repairs.

Work progresses on:
• Interior drywall, mudding and taping in progress 90% complete
• Interior painting in progress
• Millwork installation 50% complete
• Lockers installation in progress
• Electrical conduits installation 80% complete
• Mechanical ducts in progress 75% complete
• Modulars vestibules and skirting in progress
• Exterior metal and hardi-board cladding in progress 60-70% complete
• Remaining sidewalks and stairs in progress
• Basketball field remediation in progress (existing damaged asphalt removed)

There was gas line puncture incident on August 15, 2016. Site evacuation procedures were followed and emergency responders notified.  Scenic Acres Drive and Scurfield Drive were cordoned off for approximately 90 minutes.
SACA obtained resolution regarding fence height between the baseball diamond and school parking lot.  It is 2.5 metres in height not 1.2 metres.  An error was made in transition from Development Permit approved drawings.
SACA is attempting to obtain information regarding interface plans between centre field and school parking lot where there is a significant grade differential.  We are trying to ensure field length maximized and baseball play safety maintained.
SACA has confirmed basketball south court placement and in order to maintain existing size, one small tree will have to be re-located.  Asphalt pour to start second week of September.

July 15, 2016
Signage: Related to electrical installation on the sign pylon, BIRD construction will not be installing signage.  Provisions have been made to provide School Board with option to provide it in the future, but there is no decision yet what signage and when will be installed.

Construction is anticipated to be completed in December 2016 with opening in January 2017.

Work done to date, much of it previously reported in previous updates.
. Retaining walls complete, some remedial work required.
. Mechanical room slab poured and mechanical units craned in place.
. All deep utilities: sanitary and storm lines are installed.
. Structural Steel and miscellaneous steel complete, one roof ladder outstanding.
. Roof metal deck complete.
. Windows and metal door frames installed.
. Screw piles for modular classrooms complete and modulars installed.
. Steel studs installation and sheeting completed.
. Majority of sidewalks complete including bus drop off (remaining portion at front of school postponed due construction access).
. Interior masonry completed.
. Roofing completed.
. Parking paving completed.

Work progress and completion percentage.
. Exterior masonry in progress 80%.
. Interior masonry 90%.
. Interior drywall, mudding and taping in progress 80%.
. Modulars vestibules and skirting in progress.
. Electrical conduits installation 70%.
. Mechanical systems 70%.
. Mechanical & Electrical connections to modulars in progress.
. Exterior metal and hardi board cladding in progress.
. Painting started in admin areas 10%.

Work tasks to begin in near term.
. Flooring installation to commence in August.
. Wood doors and millwork to start in August-October.

June 6, 2016
Work completed since last report:
– Steel studs installation and sheeting
– Majority of sidewalks and bus drop off zone
– Interior masonry

Work progresses on:
– Roofing 90% complete
– Exterior masonry 20% complete
– Interior drywall, mudding and taping  20% complete
– Electrical conduits installation 50% complete
– Mechanical ducts and shallow utilities installation in progress
– Parking paving to be completed in early June
– Modular vestibules and skirting to be done in June
– Mechanical & Electrical connections to modulars to be completed in June
– Exterior metal and hardie board cladding will start in July-August.
– Landscaping damage occurred during ENMAX permanent power connection to the school site along  Scenic Acres Drive NW was remediated

SACA School Project team advocated to have construction fencing meshing repaired which has been completed.  We are also engaging with the City to confirm drawing specifications and plans regarding basketball courts, garbage enclosure and fencing between baseball diamond and school site to ensure they are completed properly with no surprises.  We have brought to the attention of the construction team issues related to illegal parking and garbage containment in recent months.

April 18, 2016: Scenic Acres school is currently on schedule and construction is advanced to approximately 53%.
Work done to date:
.  Foundations and piles are complete.
.  Mechanical room slab poured and mechanical units craned in place.
.  Structural Steel 100% complete; roof ladders to be installed.
.  Roof metal deck complete.
.  Modular installation complete; grading around modulars complete.
.  Shallow utilities installation complete.

Modulars as planned were installed over two days though there was an accident on Nose Hill Drive involving one of the modulars resulting from a passenger car getting between the pilot car and oversize vehicle. A City of Calgary Bylaw officer was present on the street to oversee modulars delivery.  No issues of note except that the transportation company was fined for their parking trailer left on Scenic Acres Drive.

Work progresses on:
.  Steel studs installation and sheeting approximately 95% complete.
.  Slab on grade 60% complete.
.  Roofing 65% complete.
.  Windows 50% complete.
.  Electrical conduits installation 20% complete.
.  Mechanical ducts 20% complete.
.  Masonry cladding complete on wall adjacent to modulars.  Work will progress on the other walls around the building.

The metal cladding subcontractor will mobilize this month.  Work will progress in parallel on interior of the building and exterior elevations. Exterior tasks will be coordinated with site work, especially with implementation beginning on parking lot.  All large and heavy elements associated with the building are now on site and most deliveries will now require smaller vehicles.  Work on sidewalks, parking and remaining landscaping should start soon. The sidewalk contractor will mobilize the end of April/beginning of May.  Before work on parking lot begins the General Contractor will need to determine a detailed materials delivery plan due to only one access point to the site.

March 7, 2016
Work Completed:
– Retaining walls complete as mentioned last month but some remedial work was needed.
– All deep utilities: sanitary and storm lines are installed.
– Structural Steel installed is 95% complete; working on bracing, roof ladders.
– Screw piles for modular classrooms are constructed.

Work progresses on:
– Steel studs installation and sheeting approximately 70% complete.
– Roofing started 5% complete.
– Grading beside modulars will be finalized after installation.
– Electrical conduits installation 5%complete
– Mechanical ducts and shallow utilities being installed
– Modulars transportation  scheduled for March 22nd, 2016.
– Thawing of the soil inside the building for slab preparation.

During modular transportation, there may be some traffic/parking restrictions and contractor will be bringing in six units one by one, as there is no space to store then on site.  It may take 1-2 days to complete.

Work will start soon on masonry walls adjacent to the modulars including the vapour barrier application. Slab on grade pour is scheduled to start 3rd week of March. Roofing work will progress till April.

ENMAX finished permanent power connection to the school site along  Scenic Acres Drive NW. City of Calgary and Bird met with Enmax to address landscaping damage in the Park. Enmax to pay for landscaping remediation work, City of Calgary to review quality of work
in regards to applicable City of Calgary standards.

February 5, 2016
Construction Work Completed
– Retaining walls finished
– Mechanical room slab poured and mechanical units lifted in place with cranes
– Structural steel erection 80% done with full completion by end of February
– Metal deck installed
– Steel studs installed
– Grading for modulars on the north side of the building done
– Sanitary and storm lines in place
– Deep utilities installed

Construction Work in Progress
– Sheeting on south side 20% complete
– Screw pile installation for the modulars to start and modulars will arrive on site around March 15.  During transportation there may be some traffic/parking restrictions; contractor will be bringing in six modulars one-by-one as there is no space to store them
on site.  Subject to municipal road restrictions, it should take 1-2 days to bring them on site.

ENMAX is working on connecting permanent power to the school site along Scenic Acres Drive NW. Bird is trying to enforce same site cleaning rules with them but they have independent contractors involved.

All contractor attention is focused on closing the building envelope to allow for progress on mechanical and electrical scope of work inside the building.

January 16, 2016
There has been limited update information to provide related to project people being on holidays. The main progress has been on the erection of the structural steel. All steel is on site and this work will continue through January. This past week, Enmax started activity pertaining to the permanent electrical connection to the facility. Retaining walls were completed in December. You may have heard/seen the heaters in that west area; they were heating the soil in order to backfill material adjacent to the walls. There was some concrete poured for construction of a transformer pad near the retaining walls.

November 27, 2015
Due to weather conditions, work was focused on the retaining wall.  The wall was boarded in preparation for the concrete pour expected shortly.  The manufactured steel was delivered to the site this past week and erection will start immediately. Simultaneously, work will be progressing on storm water utilities and a permanent electrical connection.  The temporary ramp on the west site of the construction site was constructed and the signage identifying the regional pathway detours was posted.  A SACA-sponsored information meeting was held at the Community Centre on November 26th, providing an opportunity for residents to obtain information on the school development plan, receive further construction progress details and review the drawings.  It was also an opportunity to provide guidance to SACA as we consider projects and plans that could improve community dynamics resulting from effects of the new school.  The Alberta Project Manager was in attendance to answer questions and we appreciated his assistance.  Attached is the handout provided at the session.

November 19th, 2015
The Community is invited to an Open House hosted by SACA on Thursday November 26th at 7:00pm in the Main Hall at the Scenic Acres Community Association.  Please click here for the official invite.

October 30th, 2015
All piles and grade beams as well as the water line installation were completed in October.  Work has commenced to install utilities both around the new building and establish connectivity with the main lines.  You may have noticed visible signs of the data connection project at the intersection of Scimitar Point and Scenic Acres Drive performed by Bell Media.  There was an minor incident in October when Bell was connecting data cables the weekend of October 17 and 18th and released soil and gravel on to the street in violation of compliance standards.  Road clean-up was completed without affecting the storm drains.  In the southwest corner of the construction site by the basketball courts, there will be a retaining wall erected and that project has also begun.  Around mid-November, erection of the steel building framework will commence and steel studs and sheathing construction will occur in December.  As previously mentioned, stairs/ramp will be constructed to manoeuver down the steep decline from the pedestrian pathway to the sidewalk.  That project was awarded but the contractor failed to deliver on time and as a result, it will be re-awarded.  Signs long anticipated to direct pedestrians/bicyclists around the construction site from the pathway have now been installed.  BIRD is also working with the City to find a solution to address how to handle the storm sewer tie-ins without creating additional road work.  This issue is related to the elevation differences between the street and school site.  As mentioned last month, trees were installed in the Park without input from our community despite our persistent, repeated attempts to engage in this activity, especially as it concerns the trees bordering Scenic Glen Crescent.  We welcome the additional trees but have concerns on their placement.  The City has rejected our attempts to re-consider this matter.

September 30, 2015
Construction on Scenic Acres Francophone School is progressing as per schedule: all piles and 50% of grade beams and pile caps are poured.  Water connections have been completed.  Next month work will progress on remaining grade beams, sanitary and rainwater sewer connections.  Steel structure is currently being fabricated and is expected to arrive on site end of October/beginning of November.  Sidewalk widening along Scenic Acres will be postponed until spring due to weather and delay receiving a road indemnification agreement from the City of Calgary.  Construction of a temporary stair extension for the regional pathway on the west side is expected to start beginning of October.  Trees outside of the construction fence in front of the tennis courts, near the ball diamond and along Scenic Glen Crescent and were planted this past week.  They include elm trees and two new spruce trees planted near the tennis courts.  Unfortunately, formal, repeated requests for Community input on the tree planting  placement that we made in August 2014 during the Development Permit process and at other times afterward because there was no tree plan available with the rest of the DP, were forgotten.  We had specifically asked that trees not be planted bordering Scenic Glen Crescent as we had more appropriate places for placement.  We have escalated these concerns with the City, but the fact is the trees are planted.

September 3, 2015
All required permits were obtained from City of Calgary and the Building Permit was released August 4, 2015. Pile testing was completed and pile design has been finalized; 100 out of 130 piles have been already poured and the remaining will be completed by the end of this week. The Design Builder has just started work on grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, and the slab on grade. The steel for the building is being manufactured and erection should start the end of September/beginning of October. Bird construction is starting preparation activities for sidewalk widening along Scenic Acres Drive NW as per plan. The Design-Builder will be obtaining all required permits and setting up safety protection as required by City of Calgary standards and SACA will be advised in advance concerning this construction stage as there will be some inconvenience to the Community. On August 8, one of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls failed at one corner due to extensive rainfall that day and that is why we saw straw-filled strips on the slope west of the construction site. The site supervisor addressed the issue immediately and advised the City. There was no sedimentation on the adjacent road or sidewalk related to this incident.

July 24, 2015
The AB Project team advises that permits required and released for this project beyond the Development Permit include: Storm water report, Sanitary study, Erosion/sediment control plan, Irrigation authorization, Tree protection, Migratory bird study, Hoarding permit and Tree removal permit.  Bird Construction has applied for the Building Permit and the Development Site Serving Plan (technical and design specifications and requirements).  Sedimentation and erosion controls have been installed on site.  As mentioned in the previous update, excavation started July 10th and has continued extensively since them with trucks separately hauling away filtered top soil and rocks.  There is a shortage of dump trucks so the hauling work is progressing slower than expected.  Bird will test pile next week in preparation to perform foundation work which will start after the Foundation Permit is approved, expected at the end of the month.  Residents have called 3-1-1 related to dust complaints; please note per City construction guidelines previously posted that Bird is required to ensure dust is contained to the site footprint.  The Scenic Acres School Committee continues to monitor construction progress, ask questions and handle resident queries.

July 11, 2015
Work is progressing slowly but is progressing; excavating began July 10th.  Site set-up issues are ongoing and the Alberta Project Manager reneged on a previous commitment to open the basketball courts once work completed in the southwest portion of the site; we will continue to press for earlier re-opening.  One court will have to be demolished and re-constructed as part of the project.  Construction fencing was modified with meshing on the east side in order to allow baseball to be played at the Park but it was not placed around the full site as we had requested.  Please be careful to stay clear of fencing as it is composed of barb wire and can easily cut skin. We have continued to respond to numerous individual comments and queries over the last month. The SACA School Committee hosted a meeting with residents adjacent to the site on July 7th.  We presented background information on activities and issues since January, dynamics related to project management and relationships and SACA planned initiatives related to the Park and other green spaces within the Community.  We plan to host other meetings after the summer.  The City web link for this school/Park is here.

Scenic Acres CANNOT influence the school design and associated construction at this stage.  If you notice any activity that is non-compliant (review the construction guidelines on this website) you can report it to 3-1-1 and the SACA office.  As information, the Development Permit Number is DP2014-3221. Please respect site crews and do not directly interact with them.  Scenic Acres can still make a difference in the Park!  Scenic Acres CAN determine off-school site plans and initiatives such as items related to parking, traffic, new sports facilities, vegetation around the Park as well as initiate related projects in our north Scurfield Park area.  We plan to accomplish that work over the course of the next few years.

June 10, 2015
Site preparation began the week of June 1st since the irrigation plan was approved by the City the previous week.  The irrigation system will be removed where the school building is to be located and then Bird construction will break ground for the project. SACA requested the construction fencing be moved north of the regional pathway to keep it open during the construction period and this request was granted June 8th but then it was determined that because of the grading activity in the area they need to extend the fencing to the sidewalk.  We have also asked for construction-style fencing (blue fencing) to be placed on the east side of the site in order to provide further safety to ball players at the baseball diamond.  As most of you are aware, the site was vandalized over the previous weekend – unfortunately this irreprehensible behaviour seems to be a frequent occurrence around Scenic Acres and construction is a magnet for it.  The construction site is monitored for security but you are encouraged to call police and report any incidents you witness.
The Provincial Project Manager has agreed to provide SACA a copy of monthly project status reports which we will use to provide regular updates to residents.  SACA met with FrancoSud folks a few weeks ago to discuss communication plans through the construction and early school operation period.  FrancoSud do not plan to appoint a principal until next year and expect that individual will engage the Community on operation matters.  They have not defined the school catchment area at this time nor chosen a school name.
SACA has developed a project scope plan that includes integration related to construction, school operations and open space optimization within the Community so we are moving forward and thinking a few years ahead in our planning.  You are welcome to direct any specific questions to Jim Palmer.

June 1, 2015
Construction on the regional school in Scenic Acres Park is about to commence, extending over an 18-20 month period.  Click HERE for  guidance and direction regarding what to expect during this period.  SACA encourages residents to consider it before contacting the City with specific concerns.  If you do notice specific issues, especially if it seems these attached standards are not being met, please contact the City at 3-1-1 to register your concerns and receive further explanation and/or resolution.

May 26, 2015
Activities are happening behind the scenes with the school construction project despite the lack of noticeable activity at Scenic Acres Park.
The Tree Protection Plan was approved by the City on May 15th.  This approval had been delayed because the City required more detailed measurement and analysis of the existing tree assets by the School project management team.  Subsequent to City approval, four more trees were saved from destruction when it was shown they would not impede construction or impact the final structure.Review the schematic that was posted May 20th for further details.
At the request of SACA, the School project management team has also delayed installing the construction fencing until ready to break ground and they have also agreed to adjust the fencing in order to re-open the basketball courts once construction is completed in that specific area adjacent to the courts.  The City has not approved the revised irrigation plan and construction cannot commence until that has been completed.  Currently, the plan is to begin construction May 29th.
The SACA New School Committee had their initial meeting on May 21st.  This SACA project scope includes 1. Community communication strategy and adjustment activities to help residents during the construction phase.  2. Activities and initiatives planned for integrating the new school community operationally into Scenic Acres and physical changes in order to improve dynamics in and around the school footprint. 3. Initiatives to optimize green and open spaces in Scenic Acres, within the Park and in the north end of the Community.  The Committee includes three SACA directors and resident volunteers.

May 20, 2015
A revised Tree Protection Plan has been Approved by City of Calgary Urban Forestry (click here to view schematic).

April 26, 2015
News on school construction progress in 2015 has been limited, however activities will now begin very soon. SACA had an initial meeting with the project management and construction teams for the school project on Thursday April 23rd. This is what we learned: 1) Omicron Construction was awarded the ‘design-build’ contract and Bird construction was awarded the ‘construction’ contract. 2) Construction schedule delays have occurred related to re-configuration of the irrigation system as well as satisfying other City requirements. 3) Fencing will be erected very soon and encompass the entire school footprint as well as the basketball courts. The basketball courts will be closed off for the duration of the project for safety reasons as a retaining wall will have to be constructed adjacent to them. The basketball courts will be re-opened once construction is completed. 4) Regarding the legal action, no written decision has been received; only the verbal decision was communicated in early January.