Francophone School

SACA is committed to collaborating with all parties involved in the construction of the New Francophone School in Scenic Acres in order to integrate this development and new school community into the Scenic Acres’ fabric.  SACA also has an objective to optimize the park lands in the community to maintain our events and programs.  For those interested historical information related to the Save Our Park Initiative can still be found under Initiatives.

The construction of the regional school provides challenges and opportunities to address use of green space and adjust the Community dynamics to best service residents.  A Terms of Reference document has been developed to plan for change and a SACA Board Committee has been organized to assess and execute these plans.

Alberta Infrastructure provides updates on the school’s construction, via their web site at:

SACA is committed to providing timely updates to the community through the Scenic Review, Twitter, Facebook and this web site in the form of dated updates.