Scenic Review & More

SACA not only has this web site for letting everyone know what it going on in their community, we also have a monthly newsletter called the Scenic Review, a Facebook Page, and when there is something really important to pass on, we will send our members an e-mail (we try to limit e-mails to no more than 2 per month).

If you do not receive periodic e-mails from SACA but would like to, please contact the SACA office at or 403-547-9589, to ensure your SACA membership is valid and we have your correct e-mail on file.

If the Scenic Review isn’t be delivered to your house, around the beginning of each month, you can view a PDF version here.  To let the Editor know of your delivery problem please e-mail or call the SACA office at 403-547-9589.

Last updated Jan 16, 2020