After weeks of snow and winter, we wanted to thank our amazing volunteers for their work on our ice rink! First, we have a huge thank you to Wayne Ketch and Angus Sutherland for continually adding engagement to our community with the return of our outdoor ice rink.

Thank you to all of our volunteers; Lora Peasant (and Family), Michael Davidson, Lisa Maclver, James Cardiff, Ross Griffiths, Ryan Good, Lara Pyshchyk, Jeff Mueller, Amy Mueller, Heather Chappell, Mike Chappell, Mike MacDonald, Ashley Ketch, Kevin McPhee, Duncan Hall, Austin, Janis Rogers (and Family), Kyle Barton, Tim Hoy, Sabrina & Gennadiy Lenner, Krista Sutherland, Richard Grenville, Charles Leskun, Barry Kent, RJ Bob Allen, Chris Morton, Ivan Louwrens, Trevor Knez, Rick Hack, Jill Fuller, Noel Smith, Kyle McEwan, Howard Backus, Mike Fursier, Katine Walton, Christine Legault, Margaret Kerr, Rob Kemp, Diego Caotes, Tyson Kitteringham, Murray Traptow and Peter McIntyre.

All of our volunteers have a space in our hearts and we cannot thank you enough for what you continue to do for our community!

2 Replies to “Ice Rink Volunteer Appreciation”

  1. Hi. I did not ever use the rink, but as a member of the community, I was really happy to see such an excellent use of space. It was really refreshing to see this winter, the amount of use it saw, and that the efforts of the community and the volunteers did not go to waste. Would love to see it again next winter, and this project really adds great value to the community and unifies us all. Sports is a metaphor for life, and this rink is a really awesome gathering place for us all.

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