Relaunch Plan


Scenic Acres Community Centre: RE-OPENING PROCEDURES

As part of SACA’s plans to reopen the Scenic Acres Community Center (SACC), the measures below must be followed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among our staff, instructors, volunteers, participants, renters and guests.

These measures have been developed using Alberta’s Workplace Guidance for Business Owners, which provides general guidance applicable to all sectors; as well as applicable sector-specific guidelines provided by Alberta Health on their Alberta Biz Connect webpage.

IMPORTANT: Anyone not following our new procedures or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to leave the facility.

Prior to Entry
* All attendees (staff, instructors, participants and/or volunteers) will be reminded of the symptoms of Covid-19 prior to entry and asked not to enter the facility if they are experiencing any of the symptoms, have been in close contact with anyone experiencing any symptoms or recently traveled outside the country.
* Alberta Health created posters listing the symptoms will be prominently displayed on the exterior of our building.
* Directional arrows painted on the concrete paths leading towards the centre’s entry points will direct all visitors, to stop and read this information prior to proceeding towards the entry points to our facility. They will also be directed to apply the provided hand sanitizer prior to entering the facility.
* This information will be shared with all participants registered in all SACA Activities prior to the start of their program. All attendees to any SACA program or club will be required to pre-register (on-line or by calling/emailing the SACA office). This will enable SACA to manage our room capacities and ensure all those entering the SACC are aware of all safety protocols and procedures.
* All attendees at the SACC will be required to sign a mandatory Waiver (for those over 18) or Acknowledgement of Risk Form (for parents/guardians of those under the age of 18) ahead of their visit.
* Attendees will also be asked to complete a voluntary Contact Tracing Consent Form. Should someone who visits our facility, and then tests positive for Covid-19, completion of this form will enable Alberta Health Services to contact anyone who may have been exposed, so they can isolate and arrange for testing.    
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
* All patrons MUST use the hand sanitizer provided, PRIOR to entering our facility.
* In accordance with the City of Calgary Face Coverings Bylaw, all patrons must wear a mask while entering the Scenic Acres Community Centre. Once inside registrants in the majority of our programs or those attending a private event, providing physical distancing is maintained at all times, will be permitted to remove their face covering.
Supplemental Cleaning Measures
SACA Staff Members and/or Designates, will perform the following increased cleaning measures regularly throughout the day as well as before and after each activity or program hosted inside the center:
* Sanitizing common touch points such as doors plates and handles.
* Sanitizing countertops, toilet seats, flushing mechanisms, door handles and faucets in each washroom.
* Sanitizing of the Main Hall Floor between activities.
* Sanitizing all tables and chairs used, between activities.   
Distancing Measures
To ensure physical distancing the maximum room capacities for all areas of the Community Centre, have been adjusted to provide sufficient space for physical distancing:
* The Main Entrance Foyer max. capacity is 1 person/family cohort. All those wishing to enter the facility are asked to wait outside the front door, for the foyer to be vacated prior to entering. Class participants are asked to remove their shoes and proceed to the Main Hall.
* The Main Hall max. capacity is 35 people for passive activities, 12 people for most exercise classes, aside from Zumba which has a max class size of 8. Observers are not permitted.
* The SACA Office max. capacity is 3 people. 2 staff members and 1 guest (or family cohort) who must remain on the carpeted area at the front of the office. Guests should only enter the SACA office in person, for services which cannot be provided over the phone. All guests call the office ahead of their visit: 403.547.9589.
* The Main Hall Cloakroom max. capacity is 1 person.The Kitchen max. capacity is 1 person.
* The Storage Area max capacity is 3 people.
* Each Washroom max. capacity is 3 people: 1 person per cubical and 1 person at the sink.
* The maximum capacity of the Foyer between the Washrooms, the Boardroom and the Main Hall is 0 persons. All those wishing to use the washrooms must wait in the Main Hall or and/or Boardroom for capacity space to become available. As an individual exits the washroom foyer they may enter and proceed directly to the next available cubical.
Additional Measures:
* To aid with appropriate physical distancing during exercise classes, markers have been added to the floor, so help attendees select an area which will provide them with a minimum of a 3 meter Bubble within which to exercise.
* SACA asks for ALL those who enter our facility to share the responsibility for limiting the spread of Covid-19 by following all procedures and guidelines outlined above.
* SACA Staff Members, Instructors, Lead Volunteers and Lead Renters will be responsible for ensuring all those within the facility follow the procedures and guidelines for limiting the spread of Covid-19.
* Anyone found not to be in compliance with the above guidelines and protocols will be reminded of the correct procedures, and if non-compliance is observed and/or the nature of the non-compliance is deemed to be putting the safety of others as risk, will be asked to leave the premises immediately.   
Last Updated May 27, 2021