As part of SACA’s plans to reopen the Beach Volleyball Courts (BVC), the measures below must be followed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

These measures have been developed in accordance with guidance from Volleyball Alberta as well as Alberta Health’s Workplace Guidance for Business Owners, which provides general guidance applicable to all sectors; as well as applicable sector-specific guidelines provided by Alberta Health on their Guidance Documents Webpage:

IMPORTANT: Anyone not following these protocols or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to leave the facility and risks the forfeit of all rental fees paid to date as well as future rental privileges.

Prior to Entry
* The Coach or Designated Contact Renting the Courts must sign SACA’s BVC Rental Agreement (not applicable to resident SACA Members booking for personal use).
* The Coach or Designated Contact will be responsible for ensuring all participants, or where applicable guardians of participants, have signed the appropriate SACA Waiver or Acknowledgement of Risk Form ahead of their visit.
* All Coaches/Parents/Participants will be required to self-screen for symptoms of Covid-19 prior to entry and asked not to enter the courts or be on site as the Scenic Acres Community Centre if they are experiencing any of the symptoms, have been in close contact with anyone experiencing any symptoms, have been told to self-isolate or have recently traveled outside the country.
* All individuals will be required to bring their own labeled water bottle for drinking and their own labelled bottle of hand sanitizer for regular hand sanitizing. Sharing of water bottles and hand sanitizer bottles is NOT recommended.
* All individuals are required to apply hand sanitizer prior to entering the Beach Volleyball Courts.
* Attendees will be asked to complete a voluntary Contact Tracing Consent Form ( Should someone who visits SACA’s BVC facility test positive for Covid-19, completion of this form will enable Alberta Health Services to contact anyone who may have been exposed, so they can isolate and arrange for testing.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
All participants must follow the latest direction from Volleyball Alberta with regard to PPE. This currently includes:
* Frequent use of hand sanitizer
* Frequent sanitization of any shared equipment
* Use of participants personal equipment where feasible
Supplemental Cleaning Measures
The Coach or Designated Contact will be responsible for the following measures to limit the spread of Covid-19:
* Reminding participants to sanitize their hands regularly before, during and after the session.
Distancing Measures
* Under Stage 2 Physical distancing is not required during game play or sports practice, but is required outside of play/practice.
* Spectators viewing from outside the courts must maintain a 2m distance between themselves and the courts as well as between themselves and anyone with whom they do not reside.
* SACA asks ALL those who enter our beach volleyball facility to share the responsibility for limiting the spread of Covid-19 by following all procedures and guidelines outlined above.
* SACA Staff Members, Instructors, Lead Volunteers and Lead Renters will be responsible for ensuring all those within the facility follow the procedures and guidelines for limiting the spread of Covid-19.
Prior to Exiting
* Prior to vacating and securing the courts, the Coach or Designated Contact must sanitize their hands.
Stage 2: Sport and recreation activities: All indoor and outdoor sport and recreation activities are permitted provincewide, including: team sports
group practices or training; games, competitions and league play.
Physical distancing is not required during game play or sports practice, but is required outside of play/practice. (
This Relaunch Plan is effective as of June 10, 2021

Last updated June 10, 2021