Sponsor An Event

Are you a business owner passionate about community?  Looking to build your brand and client base within Scenic Acres?  SACA can help you increase your profile while connecting with Scenic Acres residents and supporting SACA’s mission to provide Services, Facilities, Programs and Events to the community of Scenic Acres.

While we wait out the Covid-19 Pandemic, SACA is only hosting virtual events or events where we it is possible to practice physical distancing. To support our sponsors, while our newsletter the Scenic Review is on hiatus, we are offering a Local Business Listing.

We typically offer at least one event per month, through which we provide a vibrant array of Services, Facilities, Programs and Events for all ages.  SACA is constantly looking for community partners to support our events through sponsorship.  If you are interested in partnering with SACA on one of our future events, please contact SACA General Manager Ruth Sorrentino at scenicgm@shaw.ca or 403.547.9589.

Last updated May 7, 2020