Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day: Saturday June 19, 2021: Connect, make new friends, have fun and foster community among your neighbours this neighbour day!

Introduce yourself to a new neighbour: A positive outcome of the current Covid-19 Crisis has been neighbours spending more time connecting with each other! This Neighbour Day, why not try and connect with neighbours you don’t know so well? The City has created a PDF template, which you can download and print, to help you introduce yourself while practicing physical distancing.

Organize a “Physically Distant” visit: As long as the people from each home keep 6m apart and don’t share food or beverages, there is nothing to stop up to 10 people from gathering outside.

Participate in SACA’s Scavenger Hunt: One of SACA’s wonderful volunteers is currently developing a Scenic Acres Scavenger Hunt to encourage everyone in Scenic Acres to head out into our beautiful community and maybe discover green space, vista or amenity you didn’t know existed! Check back closer to the date to download the instructions!

Show us how you celebrated: Whatever you do this Neighbour Day, don’t forget to share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #yycNeighbourDay. You can message them to one of SACA’s Social Media Platforms (FaceBook, Insta, Twitter) or email them to

Last updated April 26, 2021