Indigenous Perspectives Learning Opportunity

The Scenic Acres Community Association with the assistance of our Indigenous partners,
has planned a learning opportunity to be held in Scenic Acres. This will be a means of assisting with reconciliation and personal endeavours to elevate awareness of Indigenous perspectives.  Attendance is not limited to Scenic Acres residents.

The free event will include a cleansing/smudging and blessing ceremony delivered by Yvonne; a review of Indigenous communities/First Nations/Bands around the Calgary area; a visitation of cultural practices from these communities (including a presentation of artifacts); a discussion of the Residential School system and the impact it had on Indigenous communities; an introduction to the concept of Reconciliation and a food (bannock) sharing.  We are planning to offer Indigenous games and activities for children, to be led by Wapastim.  A huge “Thank you” to Amy for her sage input and help in planning this event.

In light of the COVID challenges still before us and the impact of health protocols on the delivery of the program, we have decided to delay the event, originally scheduled to coincide with the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  Please rest assured that we will present the full event, hopefully later this fall, once it is deemed that we can deliver it in a safe and effective manner.  We will issue scheduling updates as they become available. Please continue to register your interest at:

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Last updated September 29, 2021