“Love a tree, grow our community”

Urban Forestry asks residents not to be helpful watering and fertilizing trees.  The trees planted in Scenic Acres are selected for Calgary’s climate and the City maintains them for three years when, by then, they should be self sufficient. If you have concerns about the well being of a tree, please contact the City of Calgary. This can be done by visiting: https://www.calgary.ca/cfod/csc/311.html or dialing 311 from your landline or cellular phone.

SACA continues to work with the City of Calgary, specifically the Urban Forestry Department, to plant more trees in our community. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the 2021 Planting Plan. This consultation phase has now ended.

Urban Forestry has a strategic plan that calls for a tree canopy within the City of 16%. Right now, that sits at about 9% so each community is surveyed every two years to assess where it is relative to the master plan. Scenic Acres has a relatively high density of trees compared to other communities and we know this is something Scenic Acres residents value. When considering tree planting in a community, Urban Forestry is purposeful in their choice of location. They want to ensure there is species diversification, life cycle understanding and appropriate density. Tree location depends on utility right of ways, setbacks for pathways and ensuring line of sight for traffic.

Last updated September 17, 2020