Parking Restrictions

SACA has been working with the City to make changes to the existing parking restriction zones in Scenic Acres in order to improve the on street parking options in the north, adjust to traffic patterns around the new school and improve safety overall.

New 2hr and 3hr parking zones have been implemented around SACA, Monsignor Doyle and Scenic Acres School in the north part of the community. There is also a new system for issuing temporary permits to assist those who require a one day permit to park along Scotia Point. To learn more please contact

Please note SACA’s parking lot if ONLY for those visiting the SACA Office or attending a program or event at the community centre. The two school parking lots are for school staff only. If you volunteering at the school or accompanying your child on a field trip you will need to inquire with the school about obtaining a one day permit for on-street parking.

Last updated May 08, 2019