Trinity Hills

June 21, 2017


Trinity has submitted a Land Use Redesignation application to amend three separate Trinity Hills Direct Control (DC) Districts.

Requested changes will allow for a seniors facility, overnight pet care, larger-sized restaurants, and modified building setbacks.

Through these housekeeping changes, Trinity is looking at making adjustments to ensure the right amenities are available to serve the residents of Medicine Hill and surrounding communities.

Trinity Hills is the shopping and entertainment area within the Medicine Hill community. This community is zoned a Direct Control District (DCD), which is a customized land use district. They are used where activities were not contemplated by an existing land use district.

Requested amendments focus on adding uses to the DCD, modify building setbacks and include a requirement for commercial use only on building main floors within Trinity Hills.

These changes allow for:                                           

  • A senior’s care facility close to main street retail stores and a supermarket to create an inclusive community.
  • Residential apartments above main street retail.
  • Indoor overnight pet care with no noise or smell impact beyond the walls of the building.
  • Building setbacks so Trinity Hills can create pedestrian friendly shopping experiences similar to 17th Avenue or 4th Street.

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Construction is 70 per cent complete on TransCanada Highway (TCH) – Sarcee Trail Interchange and is expected to be finished by September 1, 2017.

Both new bridge structures are nearing completion with traffic running over the new west bridge and under the new east bridge. Currently, all traffic has been moved temporarily to the new by-pass ramps until the work on the roundabout and the pedestrian underpass is complete.

This current traffic pattern will remain largely unchanged until the project finishes in late August. At this time the roundabout and remaining ramps will be fully functioning and full access to all local communities will be restored.

There will be on-going short term lane closures to perform some work through the summer. Our construction teams monitor the area daily and work hard to minimize delays for Calgary commuters.

Our goal is to get the roadwork complete first. Some work off the roadways will continue through the fall such as landscaped area rehabilitation, stormwater facility construction and site clean up.

Calgary’s Bowfort Road Project

The City of Calgary anticipates the Trans Canada Highway – Bowfort Road interchange will also be complete later this summer. For information on The City of Calgary Bowfort Road construction project, please call 311 from within the City or 403.268.CITY


Periodic Newsletter are released by Trinity Hills to keep the community at large updated on the latest developments and current progress.  These can be found at:

Highlights Include:
Construction begins on TransCanada Highway / Sarcee Trail Interchange: With site preparation nearly complete, construction is now underway on the TCH/Sarcee Trail Interchange.  During the initial stages of construction, traffic will continue to move normally. There are no construction zone speed limit reductions. However, drivers are asked to take caution and watch for construction vehicles leaving and entering Sarcee Trail. Advisory signs are in place.  Currently construction is taking place off of the main roadways.

Wilson Gardens: The Wilson Gardens exit to southbound Sarcee Trail will be closed as of April 21st through the duration of the construction.

Bridge Detour: As of May 1, drivers will notice a small shift on the northbound to eastbound ramp to a 150-metre stretch of pavement. This will allow work to begin on the east bridge. The speed limit on this ramp will continue to be 30 km/hour. However, construction zone speed penalties will apply.

Minimizing Construction Impacts: The majority of the interchange work will take place off the existing roadways. This strategy will minimize the need for any full road closures or major detours. We anticipate there may be a need for short duration lane closures and speed reductions as we complete ramp connections, the existing bridge rehabilitation, and other features throughout the project.

Our goal is to minimize traffic impacts as much as possible

The TCH-Sarcee Interchange is a joint project between The City of Calgary and Trinity. For continued updates on the project, please visit:

Additional plans can be found below:
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Trinity Hills Concept Plan

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