Community Spotlight

Every so often SACA hears of an inspirational resident and invite them to share their story! This edition of the Community Spotlight features as young entrepreneur which turned the March covid restrictions into something very sweet!

I’m Hannah, a 16 year old high-school student. Blue Sky Baking is my custom-order, home-bakery business that was born out of my appetite for baked goods and my passion for artistic expression through dessert. I find excitement in the creative and detail-oriented side of decorating desserts and I continue to be amazed by the science behind transforming staple ingredients into to delicious delicacies. In March 2020, when COVID-19 sent the world into a temporary shut down, I was presented with an opportunity. My days were no longer consumed by school, sports, and my part-time job, leaving hours of time allocated to whatever I wanted. This global pandemic negatively impacted many people’s lives. I decided to use my passion to bring light to these dark times. I baked cakes – a lot of cakes! And I shared them with as many family members and friends as I could. I was fueled by the smiles that were created through gifting personalized cakes which I had poured hours of hard work into.

After months of perfecting recipes and decorative techniques, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do- start a business. The first step was to come up with a name. This process took me weeks. I wanted it to represent my cakes and myself as a person. Finally, Blue Sky Baking was born. It represented my creations (blue sky, sky is the limit) and myself (Sky is my middle name). The tag line “If you can dream it, we can cake it!”, quickly followed. It captured the essence of Blue Sky Baking– I strive to create whatever my clients dream. Throughout my short business journey, I have experienced many struggles and setbacks- both in the kitchen and at the computer. Starting a business is daunting, frustrating, tiring, fun enlightening, and mind-blowing! There are many more components to starting a business than I ever realized going into this experience. Some of the pieces include making a website, creating a social media presence, figuring out pricing (a tough one!), packaging, ingredients, supplies, costs, time, provincial regulations, and permits. A few months ago, the concept of starting a business was completely foreign to me; however, I am now proud to say that I am becoming an entrepreneur. I have sure developed skills that will carry me through my future. This process has not only built-up my confidence and level of maturity, but it has also filled me with excitement and curiosity about what is to come – in the kitchen and beyond!

Last updated November 23, 2020