Nose Hill & 85th Street Condos

Land Use Re-Designation at Nose Hill Drive and 85th Street

On June 11, 2018, City Council approved a land use re-designation (often called rezoning) of a parcel of land located at the intersection of Nose Hill Drive and 85th Street.  This parcel lies to the south of where Nose Hill Drive curves from a north – south direction to a westerly one.  Please see the map below.

The site is just north of the Alberta Environment and Parks facility.  The parcel is a triangular shape and comprises .82 hectares (about 2 acres).  The land is owned by private interests and is a remnant of Scenic Acres that was stranded when Nose Hill Drive was realigned into its current configuration.  The land had been classed as S-FUD, Special Purpose – Future Urban Development and the successful application requested that the parcel be re-designated as M-H1d225.

M-H1d225 is Multi Residential – High Density Low Rise. The d225 means that there can be 225 units per hectare and, since the parcel is .82 hectares in size, 183 units can be built.  The height limit is 26 metres which is about 8 storeys tall.  It should be noted that this application was a stand-alone land use amendment with no associated development permit.  The size of the building, required parking and other site planning considerations will be evaluated at the time of a development permit application.

When considering this application, City administration noted that the anticipated development was aligned with City policies and that the transportation network and utility system could accommodate this type of development.  However, it was also noted that adjacent residents in Silver Springs objected to this land use amendment.

Both the Scenic Acres and Silver Springs Community Associations were consulted early and regularly by the Project Consultant, the IBI Group.  We were shown some concepts and building masses and we requested additional modeling to assess sight lines from both Scenic Acres and Silver Springs perspectives.  Open houses were held in Silver Springs and Scenic Acres in March, 2017, and June, 2017.

We did not receive any comments or complaints from Scenic Acres residents, including residents most likely to be affected in the Scimitar Heath and Scimitar View areas.  These residents are situated higher than an eight storey building and any development would be less intrusive.  Certainly, traffic and parking are not a concern.  Unfortunately, some Silver Springs residents may be affected by increased traffic along Nose Hill Drive, potential parking issues and compromised views.  It should be noted that City planning policies do not consider views when making decisions.

Now that this land use amendment has been approved, the next step will be a development permit application.  We will keep Scenic Acres residents apprised of new information as it becomes available.

Last Updated September 19, 2018