Rogers Communication Inc. has proposed installing two 19m streetlight telecommunication facilities on Scenic Acres Boulevard across from 55 Scenic Glen Close and 75 Scenic Glen Close.  Each streetlight will have 2 equipment cabinets at the base which will be armed to prevent vandalism and warn of fire.  Construction and maintenance access will be from Scenic Acres Boulevard and the installation work will take  approximately 2 to 4 weeks.  An antenna will also be mounted on the top of each streetlight and will be enclosed in a shroud.  The installation complies with all standards and safety codes.

The Federal Government is the approving authority for telecommunication installations but it does ask for a letter of concurrence from the City of Calgary.  The City has determined the installation has a low to no adverse impact on the community and agrees with this proposal. Consequently, there will be no stakeholder engagement on this project, however if residents have questions or comments, they can reach the City of Calgary at: or 403-268-2650 and/or the Federal Authority at: or 403-292-4295

Colin Yeo
SACA Director, Community Development

Last updated Oct 3, 2018