Bus Gates

There have been persistent problems with the reliability of the bus gates at the Crowfoot LRT parking lot. Calgary Transit Infrastructure has provided the following status report on core issues, interim controls and final plans to resolve.Calgary Transit Infrastructure has conducted failure mode analysis of the Crowfoot Bus Gates and identified several types of failures:
1) Electrical inrush currents are causing blown fuses: As the gates start their motion a large electrical current is needed. The fuses supplied by the manufacturer had a tendency to blow under these conditions. Electricians have identified a slow blow fuse alternative and replaced existing fuses to address this electrical state without compromising safety.
2) Bus Gate Triggering: The current trigger system is prone to misalignment and the sensor is unable to detect buses approaching. CT has trialed a new system that uses our CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator) equipment on the bus and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The trial has worked well, however the rollout of the technology would be dependent on the CAD/AVL overall project plan and therefore will be implemented next year based on the capital project budget cycle.
3) Arm misalignment: In windy conditions, an upright arm can get blown out of alignment. CT has been repairing the alignment and changed the track to address this issue long term.

Preventative Measures: In addition to these activities, CT has Outside Maintenance staff inspecting the gates as part of their daily rotation so that they are not reliant only on bus operators to detect failures. Bus Operators tend to report gates stuck in the closed position, but assume a gate in the open position is from a recent trigger of the previous bus.

SACA has also discussed these issues with City Transit enforcement and they will be giving special attention to this area. Fines could range as high as $5000 if charged with impeding bus travel. Typically, offenders will be charged under the Traffic Safety Act – Rules of the Road Regulations, Section 57- “Failing to obey instruction of a traffic control device”; in this case, not obeying the “No Entry – Except Transit” sign. The fine is $172 and 2 demerit points.

A reminder to residents these gates were installed to address significant safety concerns, specifically pedestrians in addition vehicular traffic on Scurfield. Your adherence to the safe driving in our community is appreciated.