Ever wonder whose job it is to keep Scenic Acres a safe community?  The answer is simple: It’s all of US! Everyone is Scenic Acres has a role to play by being the eyes and ears for each other and for the the Calgary Police Service (CPS).  As you go about your day, if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary tell your neighbour or call CPS.

Looking for tips on how to protect your property? 

  • Follow the 9pm Routine (right click on the image to download a copy)

  • Wondering how best to contact CPS?  If it is an emergency situation, i.e. a crime in progress you should always call 911.  If it’s something suspicious i.e. possible aftermath of a crime, or something you think could lead to a crime you can call 403.266.1234 the CPS non-emergency line.  Crimes can also be reported on-line via the CPS web site at http://calgary.ca/cps/Pages/home.aspx.  If it’s a general concern, or you have seen something you’re not sure about and you’re looking for advise on how you can help you can contact the Scenic Acres Community Resource Officer for CPS, by calling 403.428.5700. Please be assured every time you contact the CPS your personal information and any information you provide will always be kept in the strictest of confidence.



Do you have an idea to help make Scenic Acres a safer community?  If so please forward your suggestion(s) to scenicacresca@shaw.ca