SACA has an army of volunteers throughout the community of Scenic Acres who can help with a wide variety of tasks. If you need support please contact us at 403-547-9589 or so we can partner you with a pair of SACA’s Helping Hands!

We have volunteers offering the following services to anyone in Scenic Acres:

  • Grocery Shopping: Do you have a list of groceries? Would it help to have someone else go and pick up the groceries for you and drop them off on your door step?
  • Grocery Pick Up: Have you placed your order with your grocery store but need someone to go to the store, pick them up, and drop them off to your door step?
  • Prescription Pick Up: Medications running out? Need someone to drop by your pharmacy to pick them up?
  • Complementary Face Mask: Do you need a washable face mask? SACA has a limited supply of free fabric face masks. Call/email us at 403-547-9589 or
  • Pet Walks: Can’t get out to take your dog for a walk? We have volunteers willing to help out.
  • Snow Shoveling: Hopefully, we don’t see any more snow, but just in case we have a freak spring storm we have volunteers willing to come and ensure you pathway is clear of snow and ice.
  • Regular Phone Calls: Would you like someone to check in on your once in a while with a phone call?
  • Virtual Reading: Adult willing to read a story to younger ones in the community virtually via Facetime or other to give parents a bit of break.
  • StoryTelling Alberta for isolated seniors: This is a volunteer lead program where volunteers call isolated seniors to share a story. The senior may then share a story of their own. The call will conclude when the volunteer has checked to see if there are any pressing needs the senior needs help with, and shared with the resources for meeting those needs. Learn more at:
  • Gift Baskets: Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the locally owned Calgary Basketeers we have a limited number of Gift Baskets which can be delivered to those living alone, or who are going through a tough time and need a boost. To learn more or to nominate a recipient please let us know: 403-547-9589 or
  • Need something else? Let us know, we’re bound to have a volunteer who can help! 403-547-9589 or
  • Have a suggestion for another way you could help a neighbour in Scenic Acres? Let us know, we can add your suggestion to our list. 403-547-9589 or

There are also agencies beyond the boarder of Scenic Acres who are in need if support. If you can help by donating supplies, sewing gowns or donating your time or making a cash donation, here are a list of agencies with links to their most emergent needs:

Last updated July 12, 2020