How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Here are a few ideas for how to stay safe amid the pandemic while still celebrating this much loved annual event, as well as tips if you would rather not participate. For the official guidelines on Halloween from our very own Dr. Hinshaw please click HERE! The City of Calgary has also released some tips which can be viewed HERE! Our summary of the ideas presented by both the Province and the City can be viewed below.

Tips for the kids (and their parents)

  • Incorporate a face mask into your costume
  • Call out Trick or Treat from the sidewalk
  • Consider not all home owners may feel comfortable participating in Halloween this year so pass on houses who don’t have their exterior lights on or have signage letting you know they’ve chosen not to participate.
  • Have a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt instead of going out to Trick or Treat. Head out as normal in your costumes and each time you see a pumpkin let your parent know and they’ll put a piece of candy in your treat bag!
  • If you’ve collected candy from lots of different houses ensure you wash your hands and disinfect packages before eating your candy.

Tips for the homeowners, who still want to help the kids have a great night!

  • Come outside your house so kids don’t need to ring your door bell.
  • Wear a mask and use tongs to deliver candy directly from the box you purchased the treats in directly into the kids’ bag.
  • Build a Candy Chute to deliver candy to your visitors from a distance.

Tips for homeowners who would prefer to take a pass on Halloween for this year

  • Consider turning our exterior lights off between the hours of 5 and 9pm on Saturday October 31, to deter kids from calling on your home.
  • Place signage in your window or on your front lawn to let kids know you’re not able to participate this year. To download a PDF of an Alberta Health approved poster please click HERE.

Last updated October 26, 2020