Canada’s 150th birthday banner project: More than 200 City parks, streets and boulevards have come alive through The City community banner program. Twelve Alberta College of Art and Design students designed 50 different designs to celebrate and inspire pride, passion, and our Canadian heritage. The designs are based on five themes: Aboriginal heritage; Canadian architecture, famous inventors and inventions; landscapes and land management; and transportation.

The following are flags hanging in our neighbourhood:

Donovan Czerwinski is an artist, musician and maker, currently studying at the Alberta College of Art + Design. He lived in rural Alberta before moving to Calgary and is excited to start his life as a creator here in our city.  (Flags of Expo 86 Dome purple and The Bow red)

Pouya Moayedi is an international student from Iran who is passionate about world building in the movie/video game industry as well as creating fictional monsters and characters. He is pursuing a career as a concept artist. (Flag of mountains with maple leaf reflection in water)

Sean Richardson has a passion for storytelling and world building and aspires for career in the gaming industry. He has worked for Heavy Industries building public art and his banner series focuses on work of master architect Douglas Cardinal, forerunner of philosophies of sustainability, green buildings and ecologically designed community planning. Mr. Cardinal’s building designs spring from his observation of Nature and its understanding that everything works seamlessly together.  (Flags of green grass, blue sky with purple and orange buildings)

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Last updated June 13, 2017