Memorabilia & Historical Showcase

How Canada Became My Home

After being displaced from my home and my family in the war, I met my husband in a work camp in Germany. We got married and planned to come to Canada and have a fresh start to our lives. As we had no children I came first on a boat by myself across the ocean and found a job in Alberta. My husband and I wrote letters back and forth and he joined me 2 years later. We built a house, started a family and joined a wonderful community of other Ukrainian immigrants and were welcomed as Canadians. Canada gave us the opportunity to create a home, family and a chance for success in a beautiful, peaceful country.  This is my grandparents story… we still have and treasure the few things that they brought along with them across the ocean to their new home in Canada.
– Sincerely, a grateful granddaughter who lives in Scenic Acres

**Do you have a story, artifact or memorabilia to share about your family, your ancestors or immigrating to Canada? Let us know and book your table for the Memorabilia and Historical Showcase at the Canada 150 Celebration in the community centre, email us at Limited tables available. All ages welcome! No sales please.**