Playground Redevelopment

Every few years SACA partners with residents and the City of Calgary to redevelop playgrounds in Scenic Acres which have surpassed their lifetime and no longer meet the current safety codes.  If you believe a playground near you falls into this category, and you would be willing to volunteer your time to help re-develop the playground please contact SACA GM Ruth Sorrentino at or 403.547.9589.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help build a new playground in the Schooner area in the Spring of 2020.

To learn more about the playgrounds which have been re-developed in the past please click on the links below.

2018: Scimitar Westchester Playground

2015: Schubert Hill Playground

2011: Scenic Cove Playground

2009: Scenic Glen Close Playground

2006: Scanlon Green Playground

2002: Scenic Green Playground