Scenic Acres is blessed to have a number of playgrounds throughout the community.  Would you surprised to know there are actually 15? 1 Private one for the residents of Scenic Acres Terrace, 11 community playgrounds and 3 school playgrounds.

The SACA hopes is to have redeveloped all the playgrounds with wooden structures by the early 2020’s provided we can find volunteers within the community with the passion to raise funds through grants and donations and champion the redevelopment project to completion. If you think a playground redevelopment project would interest you we would encourage you to reach out to Ruth SACA’s GM at or pop by the office.

Below you will find descriptions of all the publicly accessible playgrounds.  To locate the playground on a map please click HERE and look for the corresponding number to the description.

  1. Schubert Hill Playground: This playground was redeveloped by SACA Members Margaret, Stacey and Barb with support from SACA, the City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Recycling Management Authority among others.  The playground was completed in the Fall of 2016 and includes rubber flooring surfaces, a large climbing structure as well as a ride on ladybug, twisty slide and a disk shaped swing. Toe see before and after pictures and learn about all the people and companies who supported the redevelopment of this park, please click HERE.
  1. Scanlon Green Playground: Formerly known as the “Train Park” due to the original playground having a wooden train which the kids could climb on and pretend to drive, this playground was redeveloped by SACA Member Lorraine in 2007 with the support of SACA, City of Calgary and Province of Alberta. It now includes a slide, climbing wall, marble play center and bouncy stepping stones. It is located adjacent to a paved pathway.
  1. Schooner Playground: One of two remaining original playground structures in Scenic Acres. This playground is the only one in the neighbourhood with a 4 person swing set, with 2 baby swings and 2 for children/adults and also includes a large slide, ride on frog and teeter totter.  It is located in a large green space with a paved path perfect for biking riding.  It is the next on the City of Calgary Parks redevelopment list, and is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2019. If you would be interested in volunteering to work with your neighbours to plan for this redevelopment please e-mail Ruth at
  1. Sceptre Close Playground: One of two remaining original playground structures in Scenic Acres.  It is in a lovely location with the enclosed green space and paved pathway alongside, away from roads and traffic. It is the smallest park in the neighbourhood and includes a twisty slide and monkey bars.
  1. Scenic Glen Close Playground: Redeveloped by SACA Member Danya in 2009 with the support of SACA, City of Calgary and Province of Alberta. This playground includes a tower structure with a ‘telescope’ and side by side slides, a tire swing, instruments, and a sit on digging arm.
  1. Scenic Acres Park – Dinosaur Playground: This playground was redeveloped in 2008 by the City of Calgary and includes a climbing structure with slide, 2 swings, 2 teeter totters and a green ride on dinosaur.
  1. Scenic Acres Park – The Fort Playground: This playground was removed due to safety concerns in 2008.  There is a plan to redevelop this area further west from the original play structure and includes a redevelopment of the wooden pillars structure to include some adult exercise equipment. At this time SACA has been unsuccessful in raising the required funds, but will continue to apply for appropriate grants.
  1. Scimitar/Westchester Playground: This playground is located to the east of the southern portion of the Ravine in the area.  It is an important playground for our community as it is located directly adjacent to the regional paved pathway system.  It currently includes 2 swings, a teeter totter, slide and monkey bars.  SACA Members Peter and Cheryl are leading the redevelopment committee which is currently leading a fundraising campaign for the rubber flooring to be installed in the playground with its redevelopment in the Fall of 2017. Find out more information or make a donation by clicking HERE.
  1. Scenic Green Playground: Locally known to some as the “Wobbly Park” this playground was redeveloped in 2001 with the support of SACA, City of Calgary and Province of Alberta. This park includes a toddler climber as well as an extensive climbing structure for older children.
  1. Scenic Cove Playground: Redeveloped by SACA Member Janis in 2010 with the support of the SACA, City of Calgary and Province of Alberta. This park includes a large rope climbing wall and climbing structure, slides, 2 swings, a ride on horse and grasshopper and sits beside a large grassed park area.
  1. Scurfield Place Playground: This Playground is located behind Scenic Acres Dental Centre and was re-developed by the City of Calgary in 2012. This park includes a climbing structure.
  1. Scenic Acres School Playgrounds: Scenic Acres School has two playgrounds.  The one closest to the school boasts one of only two playgrounds with rubber flooring surfaces in our community making is an accessible playground for those confined to wheelchairs.
  1. Monsignor E L Doyle Playground: Redeveloped in 2011 by the Parent Teacher Council in partnership with many sponsors as noted on their signage.  The original wooden structure was shipped to Africa and a handful of residents form Scenic Acres were lucky enough to travel to Africa to help re-install the playground!

Last Updated June 6, 2017