Gazebo Park Remediation!

UPDATE June 24, 2021: We’ve been accepted by the Parks Foundation Calgary for a Project Support Account meaning we will soon be able to offer Tax Receipts to anyone interested in making a cash donation!!! Please check back soon for the link, so you can help is reach our goal to remediate all the structures in the park.

June 5, 2021: To date we’ve held three bottle drives and raised, thanks to the generosity of this community, an impressive $5,200 towards the remediation of the Gazebo and the Stone Pillars! Our volunteer committee is continuing to work with the City of Calgary and local contractors to create a sequenced scope and pricing for the remediation required. Please check back regularly for updates, for more detail as this scope comes together and the committee receives approval from the City of Calgary, the landowner of the park.

Funds raised as of May 29, 2021

Wondering how you can help? We’re looking for volunteer skilled labour, donation of supplies, expertise in fundraising, unskilled labour, or a commitment to donate funds (ability for us to provide gift receipts is anticipated soon). To indicate your interest, please email with how you believe you can support this initiative.

Wondering why we’re fundraising? You’ve likely driven or walked past “Gazebo Park” many times. Maybe you’ve sheltered under the Gazebo? Visited with a friend? Sat and read a book? If you take a close look, after close to 20 years this park and the various structures need some TLC. SACA has been advocating for this community amenity for some time, and now Lee our Parks & Environment Director in partnership with a group of local residents (Sheila, Mike, Kelly, Craig & Anita) are working with the City of Calgary Parks Department to see how we can complete the necessary repairs to see this park continue to be a welcoming feature in our community.

Last updated Jun 25, 2021