The Gazebo Park

You’ve likely driven past “The Gazebo” and the Park surrounding it, many times. Maybe you’ve sheltered under the Gazeno? Visited with a friend? Sat and read a book?

For anyone who has taken a closer look, after close to 20 years this structure needs some TLC. The stone post and chain fencing also requires a lot of work. SACA has been advocating for this community amenity for some time, and now in partnership with some local residents we’re working with the City of Calgary Parks Department to see how we can save the structures in the park and complete the necessary repairs to see this area continue to be a welcoming feature in our community.

How can you help? At this time we’re seeking interest from anyone who feels they can bring resources to support the renovation of the Gazebo and/or the stone pillars. This could be volunteer skilled labour, donation of supplies, expertise in fundraising, project management, or a commitment to donate funds. To indicate your interest, please email with how you believe you can support this initiative.

Last updated 4 October, 2020