Community Garden

Can you help? We’re looking for a landscape designer to volunteer their services to create visuals for the eventual approved site. Contact 

Update July 2021: Many of you have asked where the Community Garden might be located? The Parks department with the City of Calgary, who own the land, have identified Scenic Cove Park as their preferred location for the Community Garden. This park was identified due to the existing water source that was previously used for an adopt-a-rink. The Community Garden Committee and SACA are working toward site approval from the City of Calgary Parks Department. The Community Garden will potentially be located alongside the Adopt-a-Rink, where there is ample space and sunlight. This site also features access to LRT and a playground for the kids to play when they tire of helping their parents in the garden! If the site gains approval from Parks, we will proceed with a survey of the Scenic Cove residents in the immediate area of the proposed garden.

Funding: If SACA proceeds with this project is will need to be self-funded. SACA does not have sufficient excess funds to support this project and funds collected for the LEAF program are only to be used for specific landscape maintenance and enhancements. We will need to rely solely on funding from grants and donations and thereafter by money raised by the community garden through fundraising activities. To date at least 10 grants have been identified which might fund this kind of project.

Call for Volunteers: We will require a lot of volunteers to bring this project to fruition. If you would like to get involved in any capacity please reach out via

Last updated July 23, 2021