Membership Info & Benefits


SACA Membership Benefits:
1. Advocacy on issues affecting Scenic Acres such as public transportation, community development, bylaw revisions etc.
2. News through the Scenic Review Monthly Newsletter, Community Web Site, Facebook Page and electronic distribution of time sensitive information such as the hours of and new Snow Route Parking Bans.
3. Safety Information, through Police Alerts distributed via e-mail and Social Media, Hot Topic Seminars and ChildSafe Canada Programs.
4. Beautification through the LEAF Program, Community Clean Up Events, Advocacy, and Education.
5. Special Community Events, such as our annual Stampede Breakfast, Socials, Flu Clinic, Seasonal Sales and more.
6. Wide variety of Programming for all ages, with reduced rates for members.
7. Community Facilities both on site at SACA and within the community as a whole.
8. Discounts on Community Facility Rentals, Sports & Exercise Programs, Products and Services within the local community such as at the Beacon Heights Benjamin Moore Paints. The Federation of Calgary Communities has also negotiated discounts for all CA members. Learn more at:
9. Sports Programs for children, youth and adults!
10. Clubs for those with similar interests: Art, Games, Crafts, Mah Jong etc.

Your community association needs your support even if you don’t make use of the programs they offer, because you benefit from the work of your community association.
• Your membership fee supports affordable, local programs that help keep your community healthy and attractive to old and new residents alike.
• Children learn social and leadership skills through community programs, which help them to become responsible, productive adults.
• If your neighbourhood is faced with a planning issue, from transportation to zoning, your community association can help protect the interests of the community.
• Finally, the cost of building and maintaining community facilities is considerable. Your membership fees are an important part of your community association.

The SACA membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st. The annual membership fee for a couple or family is $30 per year. At $2.50 per month, it’s a deal! We also offer Single Senior Memberships for $15, as well as Associate memberships for those who live beyond our boundaries but who wish to be actively involved in our community.

Anyone wishing to register or participate in a SACA program or club must hold a valid membership for the entirety of the program / club’s duration.

Support your community association today. All residents are encouraged to support SACA by purchasing a membership so we can work together to foster a vibrant and caring community.

Memberships can be purchased in person at the SACA office, by mail or online by clicking HERE!