CA Awareness Month

March is Community Association Awareness Month!

In past years’ we’ve highlighted the many things SACA Staff and Directors do and have done over the years to further SACA’s Vision and Mission an enhance living in Scenic Acres.  Such as how:

SACA’s Advocacy has influenced community development projects in and around our community.

SACA’s Services provide complementary educational opportunities and discounts for community members.

SACA’s Office is provide advice and direction on accessing/providing feedback on city services.

SACA’s Programs bring community members together for fun and fitness while creating life long bonds.

SACA’s Facilities enable SACA to offer members discounts on rentals to hold birthday parties and family gatherings too big for their own home.

SACA’s Willingness to offer space for volunteers to lead Clubs and Groups such as the Artists Gathering, Book Club and Single Ladies Get Together to name just a few.

SACA’s Activities give opportunity for Leadership and Volunteerism.

SACA’s Relationships provide enhanced programming such as Norwest Soccer where children and youth from Silver Springs and Scenic Acres come together to participate in Recreational Soccer each Spring.

SACA’s Eligibility to apply for Grants has enabled volunteers in our community to re-develop 8 and counting community playgrounds within Scenic Acres.

SACA’s Events foster social opportunities for kids and adults to create strong bonds.

The many ways SACA has positively impacted not only Scenic Acres but the broader community is extensive. This year we are putting a different spin on things, by asking YOU how SACA has enhanced living in Scenic Acres. Share your experiences by completing the following sentence: “If it wasn’t for SACA………”

Share your thoughts by asking yourself, if it wasn’t for SACA how might our community be different?  How has SACA’s work enhanced life for myself and/or my family? What does SACA’s presence in our community do for me? Then craft it into a sentence beginning “If it wasn’t for SACA……..” Lastly, submit your completed sentences to All entrants will be entered into a random draw for a $50 restaurant gift certificate as well as a complementary 2 year SACA Membership!

Last updated February 24, 2019